We enjoy helping people and their brands to position temselves in the digital world


We are a creative studio that diagnoses the presence of digital brands, advises companies and enterprises, designs corporate image and developes marketing and advertising strategies to effectively connect brands with their ideal audience strengthening their market positioning and helping them to achieve their goals.


To effectively advise brands and products in digital and physical environments, using efficient marketing and advertising tools and techniques to maximize their benefits.


To be a global company, with clients and collaborators from differente countries generating value in every work done, taking care of every detail and achieving benefits for all involved.




We love what we do. Determination and constancy are pillars of progress in our Organization.



Without fear of being different and daring. We beleive in irreverence and the ability we have to develop ideas that go beyond everyday life.



We are a team aligned with the needs and requirements of our clients, so you will find a constant communication to achieve the proposed objectives of your brand.



We cover the means and ways of communication possible in order to maximize the effectiveness of each strategy and campaign. Although we are in the digital age, we try not to downplay the traditional media.



We listen to and attend to the needs of the brands. We are responsible advisors and that is why we communicate openly with the clients, offering the appropiate and timely solutions according to the moment.



Each member that conforms Strategio, is a fundamental piece for its operation. Thus, we focus on horizontal, clear and simple communication.

Meet our Strategists

Luciano Méndez

Co-Founder and Creative Director

Degree in Business Administration

Entrepreneur, creative and specialized in marketing. Provides knowledge, strategies and marketing tactics. He likes to educate and collaborate with the growth and achievement of goals for brands and people.
Instagram @lucianomendezr

Massimo Falini

Co-Founder and Chief Financial Officer

Degree in Business Administration

He has dedicated 10 years to tourism and more than 7 years in the marketing world. Enterprising, determined and energetic. He identifies himself with business and finance, contributing from his own experience in seeking to generate canges in society.

Instagram @massimofalini
LinkedIn Massimo Falini

Amilcar Rodríguez

Co-Founder and Legal Advisor


Lawyer by profession, entrepreneur of vocation. He has a passion for sports and travel with equal intensity. Diligent, creative and enthusiastic to make business successful. He has a heart ready to help without fear of change. He has a pleasing persuasiveness in the quest to meet customer’s needs.
Instagram @amilcar_11

Gaby Anderez

Project Manager

Degree in Social Communication

She writes to dream, dreams to live. She LOVES in capital letters, because it is the best way to spend the moment called life. With knowledge in Business Management Advances, Public Relations and Protocol, and, an International Master Degree in Global Marketing and International Business. She has a thought: “Let’s do it. The moment is TODAY”.
Instagram @gabyanderez

Kelvin Hernández

Graphic Designer

Thanks to endless tutorials and a lot of research, he learned about designing and managing graphic design tools. He considers that not everyone learns the same way so he sought to be self-taught. His motto is: Let’s be part of people who love what they do and motivate others to do the same!!!
Instagram @keeelvinhernandez
Twitter @keeelvinhrndz
Facebook Kelvin Hernández

Adriana Tovar

Content Manager

Degree in Social Communication

Perfectionist, deliver and proactive. Her passion is writing, something that comes out from her heart. As a Community Manager and Web Writer, she tries to transmit in each project assigned, clear an concise ideas, so she writes simply and juicy content for the audience to enjoy each messagge..
Instagram @adrithink
Twitter @adrithink

Patricia Baumgartner


English and German Teacher

With extensive experience as a Trilingual Excetive Secretary, she translates texts into english for social networks and Web pages. She manages with natural social networks so she is constantly to useful news that shares for the creation of content of the creative study. She worked in 2 big companies of aluminum in Ciudad Guayana, but her passion really is traveling and tourism.
Instagram @patriciabaumgartnerk

Leonervis Hernández

Social Media Manager

Degree in Social Communication

Journalist, speaker, web writer and community manager. Addicted to be informed and updated of everuthing, from the most serious to the banal. She prefers to know a little about anything at all. She does not expect ideas to come to an end she comments to the team to discuss that.
Instagram @leonervis
Twitter @leonervis

Stephanie Duerto

Operations and Projects Assistant

Social Communication Student

She loves fotography, advertising, poetry, reeding and audivisual arts, She is a fan of production and organization, always tries to obtain a smile from her friends and to overcome in each goal proposed.
Instagram @StephanieDuerto